After watching (on YouTube) the guy going up the hills at Cairngorms, I was hooked (and the music is good also) I am 74 yrs old, 16st and have not rode a bike for 40yrs. I bought the Pulse 3mths ago. I live at the top of a hill in a village surrounded by hills. 2 minutes from my door I am in the countryside so have ridden the bike along country lanes, through woods, old railway tracks and into Newcastle. I try to average 20miles and on this bike find it easy going especially the last hill to my front door when the motor kicks in and feels like a hand in the centre do my back urging me on. People get the wrong idea of electric bikes, they laugh and think you just sit there but after having a try they realise you have to pedal or it stops, so you are exercising. After looking at various bikes I find The Pulse is manufactured to an extremely high standard and the after sales follow up is very good. This bike is just BRILLIANTGeorge Jeffrey