The latest bike to come from Volt electric bikes is a belter! Designed to ride tougher terrain than the Volt Pulse this fully spec’d electric mountain bike boasts and promises much. But how did it fair when our own electric bikes expert put it to the test…

For some reason the design reminds me of those white Audi’s you see driving around town. There’s no denying that this is one of the most classy looking electric bikes on the UK market. Style is something we’ve come to expect from Volt now.

A nice consideration for the Volt alpine riders is the optional 36v 16ah battery (rather than the 36v 10ah) which allows riders to go over 80 miles on power assisted riding with just one charge! The Shimano 8 speed gear system combined with the sophisticated Bafang motor means you can comfortably handle any terrain and obstacles thrown your way on this electric mountain bike! The RST front suspension does it’s job well too!

I have to admit it felt weird riding an electric bike cross country to begin with, but once I got used to it, riding this electric mountain bike felt really cool! I crushed steep climbs with ease and enjoyed the bits I love (going fast) as always! I also took it into the city where it performed equally as well, I felt just as comfortable riding on the road as I did on the dirt track. This is a very versatile electric bike; not only my favourite Volt bike release to date, it’s my new favourite of all electric bikes I’ve ridden!

You can check out all the details at Electric Bike Store (a Volt approved dealer) who offer test rides and demos on all their electric bikes throughout the UK!